The school is divided into two buildings adjacent from each other, and each building is catered for two separate groups depending on the age of the children. This is to bring focus on the right teaching methods and materials relating to each specific age group.


These are different activities we implement in their learning development, we have different curriculum corners for children to choose from, children have variety or areas to select, as children have wide imagination that needs to be stimulated at all times to help them grow mentally as well as spiritually.


Sara Petesa is a Christian based centre, our belief and cultural ways are valued especially as a Language nest preschool. These are implemented in children’s everyday learning, through play, mat time, eating time and much more, it is filled with friendly-religious discussion and activities. We believe children are a gift from God, and it is in our nature to nurture them into confident and competent children, (‘Train up a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not depart from it’) (Living Word, 2018)


Fresh air is important to the child’s inner being, it activates the intelligence of the child, so getting them outdoor is vital. Building their gross motor skills and muscles in their arms and legs, outdoor area is a really great place for running, climbing and jumping especially when the environment is natural it’s a bonus as children will get to explore nature.


Sociability and interaction is essential in their learning. They will learn to interact, communicate and work together with others. Group time will help children develop responsive and reciprocal relationships with teachers and with other children. This can involve whole group, smaller groups for literacy and numeracy; Story-Telling, counting, colours, music, turn taking and much more.


Language is everywhere, children are immersed by it. ‘It is the means by which we think and communicate with each other’ (Te Whᾱriki, 2017), they are exposed by language everyday this is in symbolic, abstract, imaginative and creative thinking. Language is one main cultural task that enables children in their early years to develop competence in and understanding of language. Literacy builds their self-confidence in reading books, displays, symbols and communication.


These activities enables the children to explore their senses of (touching and seeing), the texture and temperature, it is a great sensory activity, where children are able to touch, dig, scoop and play, a great opportunity to learn new maths and science skills.


Upon completion of their pre-school education i.e. reaching the age of 5 years, a graduation ceremony is held annually for those who will be leaving our nest to explore the horizons, We believe a child should be honoured in such respect and most importantly a milestone achieved that their parents have sown into.